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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nokia SL3 based

Nokia SL3 based - Facts & Fiction

For some time we noticed the new BB5 phones with software version higher than 50.00.

But I would like start from the beginning, when Nokia Company introduced on the market BB5 phones with new security system SIMLOCK was impossible to unlock. For long time we waited to update our software to be able to fully service these phones - SIM-Lock too.
At this time almost any type of lock on BB5 type with SL2 is possible to unlock. Right now Nokia have completely changed the firmware in the handsets with SL3 Security Zone.
At the moment any attempt to downgrade or unlock the handset ends from damage security zone. The most common symptoms are:

* Contact Service
* damaged IMEI - 12345678901?
* white blinking
* NOKIA logo freeze
* Security 'Failed to Read'
* dead handset

Called by Nokia, new idea - Protected Application PA_SL3 (SimLockx; x=2 , x+3) that protects the functions which are executed by special applications. Security zone formatted by 'ProtectedApp_SL' application isn't compatible with PA_SL2 application and vice versa yet - totally modyfied EEprom in flash.

All currently manufactured phones have the SL3 structure and I am sure that it will be more in the future. In addition, Nokia complete rebuilding system of RPL counting by the RPL server.

What mobiles are SL3 right now ?

based on different CPU types, but new MCU SW security SimLock3 - 'SL3' (T-Mobile & Orange)

* 5310 MCU v58.58, v59.42 (RM-303)
* 6300 MCU v57.20 (RM-217)
* 6500c MCU v59.45 (RM-265)
* 6500s MCU v59.60 (RM-240)
* ... (more in future)

After downgrade phone coming to dead. But after restore oryginal MCU SW phone will alive.
From where get fresh firmware packages:

* 5310 RM-303 - MCU SW 58.58, MCU SW 59.42
* 6300 RM-217 - MCU SW 57.20
* 6500c RM-265 - MCU SW 59.45
* 6500s RM-240 - MCU SW 59.60


Don't try do SIM-Lock and downgrade your handset because then you could just say: bye bye my darling phone ..

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